Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Four days and Three nights with him

30th April 2014 - 4th April 2014

I really like that our university location is only about 30-40 mins journey.And our Class, Sem Break and Final are almost the same period too!

After I completed my 30th April-paper, 
asked him to come and comfort me,hehehe

and this time he did!
I mean I always asked him to come me randomly, 
but he always busied with school stuff.

 this time...
He himself asked whether he need to come or not, 
on the day he finished his final
(this is the moment when I felt what he say:" I will see you where there is every possible chance.")

Initially, I asked him to come after 2nd May, 
Cause I wanted to finish my Grammar Paper first

But headache is a valid reason to ask him to accompany me

And guess what,
on the 2nd day (1st May-the Labour Day)
my family come to Kampar too! 
They came here all the way from Kemaman
just to ship some furniture into my new Kampar hostel~~~

Really felt so blessed
I mean my parents can opt not to come to Kampar
but rest on this day
instead they chose to drive 4.5 hours to here 
and help us to clean the entire house

And going back again the second day
Before my family going back to Terengganu
 We(family + bf) dinnered together 

Literally Eat Play and Love these few days
Since I was moving house, we went out to eat everytime
It was fun lar, coz I don't always go out to eat,
and eating during exam really help to relieve stress

Taken while in Sweet Hut, didn't take much photo this time, coz I always look pale, deprived from sleeping since I need to revise my paper=)

See! prove of studying hard~~ makan also on the floor~~ LOL.

Thanks for helping me in moving house.Both my family and him
My family:
1. clean the entire house
2. sweep and mop the floor
3. arrange and relocate the furniture
4. my mom washes my room's toilet
5. buy padlocks, hook, rope for hanging clothes
6. a lot of others I didn't know cause I was in exam when they were busy for moving house.

My bf:
1. Move my entire stuff from old hostel to new.
2. Tie the rope
3. Repair the light(with my dad)
4. Find carpet with me
5. Help me to deal with the wireman while he came to repair the light.Was studying also that time.
6. Accompany me to TM to switch name.

Thank you for being my ah Sei (slave) and help me to move things around. Really appreciate it so much, would feel very fatigue without you. You are just there for me =)

 Makan Makan at 71. =)

Really so sought after it open at 6pm. But it's ady very crowded at 5.55pm.

 And this boy addicting to Clash of Clan like so much. Even I asked him to help me move the wardrobe.....I need to wait for 2 mins for him to snatch somebody's village.  If you didn't get it, I doesn't sound sarcastic here, I mean...he is a very responsible boy...or man? Really so responsible I can proof it myself, he  completed everything without me to worry, and urged me to study somemore.Just that it's a bit fun to see how he was so  into the game. Like.....a little boy who is so responsible,completed every task which is given to him, but can ignore everything when he play the game...the kind of adorable lar~~~

And we did quarrel too. He wanted to eat some ais, so we went to Face Cafe cause seeing there are a few ais at the entrance there. But dude, we got duped. The ais is not yet available....haiz.....He already asked me not to order anything since no ais is serving. But I ignored him and ordered my Tom Yam....that's when I could feel sour mentally and physically.

He don't like to eat something hot or anything that can make him sweat in outdoor, or non-air cond condition.Summore, his fist intention was to eat something sweet and icy cold.Tomyam is totally opposite of this. End up I  ate alone with the grumpy ambience while he played his clash of clan lor~~~

The next day, after his anger subside a bit. He made jokes of this.

What is AIS?
A. Tom Yam
C. Sayur
D. Bodoh

And then on the final day, while he was laying on my bed..

WS:Dear, do you think we are kind of  co-habitate now?

Me: Oh really?  Then would u still want to co-habitate with me in the future? (thinking that world with only 2 of us is quite boring also. Boring as in...even though we constantly flirt with each other, we still have our own world, own circle of friends, hehehe, quite amaze at myself I felt only in a mere 4 days)

Ws: NO, I don't want to live with Brainless people

Me: (punch him). People who live in Glass house should not throw stone away. (没有脑的人不要讲别人没有脑)


So far, 4 days 3 nights is the longest time we have been together. Previously, it was only 3D2N. Really wonder how if we stick together for 1 week continuosly....will we not there enthusiatic as 3D2N? or how? Thinking in this way, it make me feel that Absence really make the Heart grows fonder. 

Anyway, I love him, ok?!