Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ideal place for honeymoon....travelling

me and my bf, he love outdoor activities, I don't really like all those, but we share a common one, or I am polluted by him to love that.

We like scuba diving

(what i'm thinking now: I really don know whether should let my friend know that I own this Pre wedding fantasy blog, I am sure they will boom me 99, saying that so fast you think of marry already ar~~~....okay, I am sure will marry in the future right?!, He is sure my Mr Right, but who know he might not be my Mr Right Now,hahaha,so, don't tease me ar~~I am very paiseh ler)

just come across this beautiful picture today

the picture couldn't be downloaded because I dun now how to get it from intagram

its Mataking island

 Floating in the dead sea is the next thing I want to do! In fact I want to explore each of the 25 things in the link above!

I must study smart, earn more money , and have a sweet escape. Okay to me, off to study now. FIGHTING!

My first post!

Welcome to my very first article, I just create this blog few second ago, as my blog URL shown, its Pre Wedding fantasy!!!Hahaha, I am SURE that every girl will have their own fantasy, okay, fantasy sound so disaaproving, but somehow its true also, can't you deny it?! Hahaha, girls reader are very welcome here, boys are welcome if you are not pissing of here.

This is the pre-wedding photoshoot reference from one of the blog that I read through, in the post, a reader prompt Kim (the blogger) to write a post that serve as guideline, and her post prompt me to open up this blog.

okay, heresthe link.