Thursday, July 10, 2014

Things to note to me while photoshoot

alright, all of the photos here are taken from other sources. If you see this, please allow me to use these photos, there are just too awesome!

anyway, I try my best to credit to the source as some of them I don't know how I get them. I just simply save these pictures and put them in one of my picture folder, namely beautiful folder. As each of the photos have manifest something that I need to learn =)

All of the photos taken in Santorini came from Sunrise Greece, the gown wear by Xia Xue came from Wedding Gown SIngapore

 I wish to take a pic like this too!

 I'm not sure whether it's Santorini is too beautiful or the skill of the photographer is too good that the photo turned out to be so breathtaking even the assistant only clad in casual wear.

Reminder to me:
1. Don't be to rigid in posing. Warm up before photoshoot, relax and make your body action obvious, big and variety, just like dance.

2. act cute doesn't harm..LOL, I mean not neccessary you must smile all the time during photoshoot. Shoot with various expression: missing, loving, sad, naughty, sexy, emo, appreciate.......

 I like the expression of VIVian here, her expression make this photo so outstanding!

 Like I said, act cute doesn't harm......display some interaction between you and your hubby! in not-so-intimate-yet-loving way!

Like, angry to him?
Feed him/her
look at him with puppy eyes?

3. shoot in abundant of different places!! like Placessss~~

 Totally different look from the previous, I mean the attire.

 Also, take some time to set your hair. Not necessary must have style in the conventional bob hair like nurse, air-stewardness one. really look super elegant in that look. Not much people can pull off that hair style from as far as I have seen.

 why set a hair is so important?  When make up is manage to make you look more attractive, your hair will make the complement the overall look even when the gown is not so attractive.

Hence, it is very important to choose a right gown base on the setting.

I wish that I can choose a right accesories too! but I am poor in this. I prefer a balanced look.

Hair accesories : Floral band, cloths

Face accessory: ear ring, ring, necklace

I like cheesie's hairstyle here! This photo remind me to take some effort to do research about how to style my hair in the future! It totally complement the overall look!

4. Be careful when select your attire for shooting. Make it variety. Set a theme. a theme will give you a lot of directions! Girly, grecian, .... of couse, when you are doing a wedding photoshoot, make the choice of your theme not only one, but variety. Variety in a sense that..... each theme must be so different from each other. Like....Bohemian........and then in the kitchen.......he cook for you?? 

also you can make your photoshoot to have a story-like fairy tales. 

5. I saw both Xia Xue and Cheesie shoot with contact lens on. I not sure I will look good with contact lens or not. but I want to make sure I am the prettiest on that day. So I should try put on contact lens , and compare the photo taken without contact lens. ...COz for me, eye make-up is good enough.

6. choose your attire that suit the setting!

7. Important reminder to me:
Have fun while shooting! prepare meticulously, check everything (attire, make up, accesories, shoes, his attire) to ensure everything is match perfectly, and only have fun while shooting without need to care about anything! Hassel free shooting I want!

8. Take care of yourself
take care of your
eye bags,
 the shape of your body (hourglass),
your hair (smooth),
 nail(does it really matter? just have a basic treatment on my hand and nail lar~~)
- have a mask everyday during the shoot

make sure you just look healthy and indeed so healthy before everything is put on!

9. Practice to walk with High Heels so that your movement won't be limited by HEELS!

10. Standby a portable fan in case it is too hot!