Monday, July 15, 2013

Lost World Tambun and his birthday

This has been my long awaited date afteer didn't met for.....2 months? Last time we met was 513, before he went to intern.Officially, this is our first date after you went intern. I want to trace back how many times we dated ady til present, but no literally black and white.

12/7- you reach Kampar here, I have performance that night, so u acc me, and help me to record video too! Thanks you for tolerate my dumbness and sillyness, that I should ask your permission before answered a task for u.I was in performance mood I couldn't turn on my dating mode yet.

13/7-Went to Tambun after breakfast at CK there, I order wantan mee, and u order sth like wantan mee, not nice eating there, should go to 好运来。

- Here come our long awaited moment, okay, maybe not u, is MIne, hahaha. Reach tambun but still need to wait til 3pm then can only check in.

- Went inside to play first la.

 yea, most of the photo is me only, because u dun like or I like too much^^

 I say the scenery is so breathtaking(很美啊!), then u took the shoot of it.but very amazing like, love our mother nature!

and we met a very cute rocoon in the pet zoo, I dun noe whether its good or not u say u dun wan to pet him coz its too big. Sugar glider and the dun noe what mini reptile in the list.

our last pic before end our watery journey~~

oh yea, I will never forget the tube rifle trip also.

 There got pappa rich express to dine in, but I dunwan, so we go to Qiant, pizza hut to have our dinner, an after-so-long-starving dinner.Tropical Chicken the flavour. your pour a lot of cheese.
And when I tarik also a lot of cheese.

later on, hot spring spa at night and cocktail for free at SS.
but I choose not to get myself wet.

2nd day- 13/7/2013

 I insist to take a shoot of us with the greenery behind.Take one failed

 Take 2 better, but still failed.

 Just took the greenery without us la!

 I heart my this breakfast so much because of pancake. I can tasted vanilla inside and I dun noe it honey or maple syrup.

 Our breakfast. The fried mee is so fucking salty.

 I obsess with these.Pancake, potato wedges and ham.

trying to wreck my shoot for u.

Dun u think its very rude, cox I might wantto see ur pix

 Went to shoot after breakfast, can't believe I actually full enough until can skip lunch.

 Happy Early Birthday, my dear boy. Wish all ur dream come true, and me still stay pretty Xp

Sincerely wish u happy birthday, and dun forget to thanks ur parents coz ur mom was the one who having hard time when gave birth to u and I wander why everyone celebrate birthday but not celebrate the mother's gave birth.


Happy Birthday! my dear~~~

Love you forever =)

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