Monday, August 5, 2013

The place for photoshoot

Perhaps its too early to give my opinion before I even see through most of the wedding photograph. But I think the aesthic, the beauty of a photo is depend on the photographer's skill. Of course the bride and the bride-groom must dress well. So, I have list down places where I might choose to shoot in the many more future. (This girl is seriously fantastic)

1. Limau-limau cafe in jonker street.
 source from here


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    1. lol, Henry Lee, I never expect u will see my this post,coz I don't really update, and even if I do, I mostly paste some inspirational post from others (for the moment being la) anyways thanks for commenting here, I am so motivated, u make my day =)

      Haha, I am still at least 3,4 years away from this la, I create this blog just for fun,hahaha