Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My first post!

Welcome to my very first article, I just create this blog few second ago, as my blog URL shown, its Pre Wedding fantasy!!!Hahaha, I am SURE that every girl will have their own fantasy, okay, fantasy sound so disaaproving, but somehow its true also, can't you deny it?! Hahaha, girls reader are very welcome here, boys are welcome if you are not pissing of here.

This is the pre-wedding photoshoot reference from one of the blog that I read through, in the post, a reader prompt Kim (the blogger) to write a post that serve as guideline, and her post prompt me to open up this blog.

okay, heresthe link.


  1. every girl has her own fantasy!!!

    1. hehe, yea, but still paiseh to shown this off, thank you!