Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ideal place for honeymoon....travelling

me and my bf, he love outdoor activities, I don't really like all those, but we share a common one, or I am polluted by him to love that.

We like scuba diving

(what i'm thinking now: I really don know whether should let my friend know that I own this Pre wedding fantasy blog, I am sure they will boom me 99, saying that so fast you think of marry already ar~~~....okay, I am sure will marry in the future right?!, He is sure my Mr Right, but who know he might not be my Mr Right Now,hahaha,so, don't tease me ar~~I am very paiseh ler)

just come across this beautiful picture today

the picture couldn't be downloaded because I dun now how to get it from intagram

its Mataking island

 Floating in the dead sea is the next thing I want to do! In fact I want to explore each of the 25 things in the link above!

I must study smart, earn more money , and have a sweet escape. Okay to me, off to study now. FIGHTING!

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