Monday, September 2, 2013


Ws say


I don't know why I am not eager to get present from him, I kept thinking about a valid reason for this. I am someone who is eager to receive present especially on my birthday, I even feel like people own me to do that. hehe *giggle*

I thinked about this while I was having my bath. Ws just leave an hour ago, nothing leave, the only thing is our are closer.

The reason that I have made:
1. The way he treat me is too sweet that I don't think he owe me anymore =)It's like you will ask birthday present from ur bf if you think he didn't treat you, serve you as what you expect, you will ask a birthday present from him to prove he loves you, or to compensanate the lack of attention he give to you. Still didn't get the picture?

Here's another analogy that I make during my bath time too =)

Let's say your coursework mark carry 60% and final 40% to sum up your commitment to the particular subject. The tips to get full 60% is to study smart, hard , and undrstand the subject during the everyday time. Not only you will achieve 60% for the coursework, I bet this person will pass final with flying colour without much preparation too. Coz you already acquaint to the content, idea, of the subject, so you would probably get an excellent result in the final too.

Same concept, apply this to the way he treat me =). Lets say final is the obligation that he need to give me birthday present. He already got 80/60, 80 out of 60. I granted him an A so he exempt from the final. hahaha, like so much of precedure....

No la, just an analogy, i din judge him that way, and who am i to judge him too. I just want to say NO, its not your obligation to give me present regulary la~~笨蛋!

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