Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Love memo in Deepavali

Early morning when I want to pack my camera.

So surprise when I see this!

 There must be more memo somewhere in my daily life rountine item, I found this!

 When I want to chek the word "outdo"

I feel so loved <3

This sequence of the love memo is follow the time I first found them.

I don't even feel angry coz he ransack my things.
No la, he didn't ransack. Infact he helped me to sweep my room too

I mean
I don't even feel angry coz he touch my thing
I dun like people to touch my stuff without my permission
worse if they touch and do not put them back after use.

THank you dear! 

select this pic coz I like the background. Though we appear very blur~~


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    1. hehe, thanks! I really like blogging, just that I recently dun pay much attention on blog. Actually I have 4 blogs, hahaha. Not geng lar, build them bit by bit only =) dun update often also =)