Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

 Harlo!! Are you  shock seeing this big photo of mine? Testing the lipstick in Guardian while window shopping in Guardian.=)

It all start with a celebration of Christmas.WS's friends planned to throw a Christmas steamboat. And They invited me! LOL, as Wei Sheng's girlfriend. hahaha, another benefit of having boyfriend. You can join any of his events like his friends are my friends except that we are not that closer. But they still consider you as one of their members!! Muahahaha.

Thank you for inviting me, PJ!

So,ealier that day, on Christmas Eve, WS drove from Dungun to Kemaman to fetch me to Mesra Mall. And we have our sweet dating and window shopping there!

er hem er hem
skip the 2 pics below by just quickly scroll down for the next =)

The photos are quite indecent, but I already warned you to skip it,right?After all, this is where I put the every bit of ws and me.=P

We watched Ronnin 47 after buying the foods needed for steamboat.I love the moment spending with WS. He just take care of me to the most detail.For example,  I no need to carry heavy handbag, cause I can ask him to carry whenever I am tired.Also, you can lean on his shoulder for not reason.Everything is just at ease!

 1am in the Mesra Mall, the bunch that I spending the first hour of Christmas with! From left, Bao Foo, Christina, Pei Jing, The girl who write this blog, and the girl's bf, simple adress him WS.

We both taking English, I am closest with she in the bunch.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention what is the significance of this post.Christmas Celebration has compelled my first time stay in WS's house. I doesn't stay for one night o! I stay for 2 nights!

It also signify that both my parents allow me to get closer with him. Previously, my dad would say

女孩子一个人去男生的家住, 人家的父母会怎么看你

I also quite surprise my parents will allow me for staying over there.Thank you so much to my parents for see me as a more mature grown-up.=) =) =) =)~~~ (I think that's the reason for their approval )

And then another benefit is I can eat a home-cooked! I had never eat a home-cooked from my mom not because she doesn't want to. but the flood has ruined almost everything in our house. Our time before I came to Dungun is all about cleaning cleaning cleaning. The next day woke up cleaning cleaning eating sleeping.

WS's parents have been always be kind to me.Like the way they treat WS lar~~

 And then that afternoon/evening, we went to Jack's house for the preparation of steamboat. It's not mainly about wrapping the dumpling lar~~~ There were still 2 pretty ladies there made the qing tang(清汤)and Tom Yam soup later.

here is another example of how he taken care of me.He doesn't allow me to do anything like wrapping dumpling, washing. or anything that deal with the food.I sat that like a statue and sometime shoot them only.

Went back to bath and came back again.The steamboat was about to start!!

Yen Ting's mom made a really nice chocolate butter Marie. I already get the recipe!Will try to make it this holiday.

 Why did you look like a patient here?? Couple in stripe.


Gift exchanging moments after few rounds of game and washing dishes by them. 
 FromLeft: Jing Mei, me and Yen Ting

King's game before end I really had a fun time with people who I =)came into contact then. <3 <3 <3 =) =)

I havd glutinous rice ball on the third day.I think WS told his parents I want to eat tang yuan.His father even taught me how to prepare the peanut, sugar, soybean, sesame mixture in the ratio of 3:3:2:1.

a very tasty Fu Zhou Rice Ball.Only in WS's house.LOL

And then the kuih-muih that I ate in his house. A lot of Malays delicacies that I didn't savour even in Kemaman.Nasi Minyak is awesome!

Ok, sign off this post with pics of WS and me =) The purpose of this post is to show that I had stay in WS house for 3D2N! From 24-26th Dec 2013.

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