Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's day 2014

 Today is the First time we celebrate together!!

Actually I think everyday is Valentine's day lar, but on the real valentine's day, the ambience of the Love is in the air is more festive.

and also for the first time
He gave me this Valentine's present
Never expect I will get this from him

Thank you so much!!
Although the Nude colour of this tote is not impressive at all.
and then got a little folded mark that quite ruin the overall aesthetic.

BUT but
it's branded wer!! The name of Charles & Keith is quite flatter lor...

Above all
I received this as a totally SURPRISE!
Double excited when it come as surprise.
And it's your sincerity too!

So much of sentimental
will keep it even when it's broke in the future
Thank you! 

On the other note, I blog for our first time too lar`~~~

First time going back to Ipoh together with him on January! 
It's 11th January 2014

First time eating Ginger Vermicelli with him in Bukit Tinggi

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your bf, stay sweet and loving ^^