Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bridal shoes

I not sure if you read her blog or not, but if you don't, you should! I mean if you are interested in knowing about experience about how a bride and bridegroom prepare about their D-day. She literally just write everything to the details, sensible, pratical and suit to Malaysian context!

So if you are like me, like to have a prefect dreamy wedding, you can visit her page. I even commented on her post that I think she can become consultant for bride-to-be already #truestory

Somehow I don't know why, among all the posts that she wrote, I feel more impact to this post.

 Alright, both the pics here are not taken from her blog, go to her blog to see if you are curious.
Pic source here. 

Didn't use her pic here, coz nowadays I try my best not to use pic from any other source. Unless I have to. I really have no idea what my wedding shoes should be. A rough idea about this....

Perhaps something to do with lovely lace. 
Comfortable and won't cause much trouble when bride is walking with it. 
Lace give the feeling that the shoes can get dirty , wear and tear easily, I don't want all that. 

She actually post a lot of wedding stuff like 

and you can find all the related link here! 

omg, this video is just so awesome, like more than what I wanted, I can't help but must share it here.! I like how everything is just so princessly! It's definitely something that I want in the future!

I actually have an idea, since I know that I am going to have a wedding cinematography in the future. I can star recording our moment now. so that it might can serve a part of the clips in the cinematography too.~~~

Brother and sister

She really have a list of them! I think I will add in here from time to time!

Perhaps I am too far away from all these, I mean I might have only need to involve in all these after 3 or 4 years? or maybe 5 -7 years? No one else know. But I somehow decided the first thing after the successful proposal would be order a hand-custom bridal shoes. 


It somehow look like very tiny, and does not mean anything at all. But having a customized shoes for myself means  a lot. I can't probably keep the dress that I wear during the wedding. A pair of shoes is small enough and still can be use after the wedding occasion. Hence a speciallis customised shoes for myself is a must! 


  1. Thanks for your support and sharing dear, my pleasure to have inspired you for the wedding ideas ^^

  2. thanks for your unconditional sharing and allow me to use ur things here too! Nt only that I feel ur marriage bless through the post, I wish that I can meet u one day in the future too!