Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Food styling

 Just a random one, actually I am so busy. I mean it. And A lot of people still ask me why I still have time to blog when I am so busy. Because blogging is a way to release my stress too! I think I will only stop blogging when I died.

So, since I have strawberry today, I decided to do this , inspire by food styling.  No bad, right? I just love food. and I spent some little time to do this, to show him how much I appreciate him =D

I love my family too! I really do! I can't lose either of them. I just didn't show much my love to my family only.

 A prove that this is not coming from google~~ it's me! the artist! hahahaha

Actually, initially I just plan to take photo, and then it just happened that I styling the food~~~ lo~~~

The red in strawberry is so lucrative I decided to express my love using strawberry!

P/S: Next time , don't buy mini size straweberry with leaves and petals on. It taste so SOUR~~~