Monday, September 8, 2014

4th Anniversary

Hi, last 2 days is a very special day.

I am so glad I have him by my side that day. I think this is the first time we meet on Anniversary. Previously, we are either celebrate it ealier or later....or didn't celebrate.

     I don't know why I am so looking forward to this time anniversary.....I don't expect it though, we have been together for 4 years! It's like I know I have been with him for quite a long time, I didn't count it. But I am so happy everytime meeting him. Probably part of it also attribute to our Semi Long Distance Relationship (Semi- LDR). 

I have been thinking about this though, everytime we  meet for dating, meaning doing dating stuff like dinner, movie, shopping that involved a lot of fun (like Hedonism). Will we still remain that enthusiastic if we have been together long enough doing some serious boring stuff together? 

Like if we both working in the future...and then we both face our own problems 
..... mad
.... tension
.... stress

Will we still remain enthusiastic or....maybe I should said like this......will we still continue to treat each other the way we are now? 

I have a faith...the faith that accumulated from the touch moment that you gave me. Like I will just follow your advise if you talk to me in that soft tone. =P Hahaha, #the tone to shuh hong only. or the tone to your little pet,  in the future? 

I think the problem is we need to know how to express ourselves, how to let each other know what we were thinking. Because sometime I don't like it when you have problems, you just like to settle it by yourself. Whenever I asked more probing questions then you were don't know about this also.....can't you just let me settle by myself? Cant you just let leave me alone?  I mean of course I couldn't help if it involve a lot of technical jargon.....or when it comes to things that you can only settle by yourself.  I just hope that I can be stay with you like how you support with me when I was in trouble. I mean I just want to comfort you, even though my skill of persuading, comfort people is not comforting enough. Alright, #note to self - improve your skills of persuading , comfort people. 

Alright, the rest of  the things remain between us. 

Now back to romantic, enjoy-every-moment-with-WS mode! hahaha. 

7th Sept- Our 4th anniversary, with the main purpose of buying HP with me, we went to Ipoh. 
Me while waiting for my dear WS to filling air into tires. Heavy eyesbags in the early morning. Trying a gradient lips after watching tutorial from my friends.(It's just not very obvious here, a subtle one ^^)

Filling in with style~~~  

Went to the original Old Town- Nam Heong

A place where I purposely created a post- Places that we must visit together.

He with his favourite egg tart, rated 4/5.

I just like every of the food selling there.

After that, we went to bought my handphone in Yik Fong complex. Kind of like Low Yat plaza in KL.

Movie time in Jusco kinta city. 4.20pm.

Watching it's trailer already intrigue me so much. It prompts me to continue to watch other related video in the youtube, and then it's OST are quite melodious also! 

Click here, I like this movie, hence it explain why I always drop by this page.

I esp touch at this moment. 

Taking pic outside the WC, LOL.

Yeap, I know I am blessed. I love my dad, mom, sisters and brothers too!

Thanks for the awesome photos! The car park in roof top is quite suitable of photoshoot actually.

while waiting for WS to pay his car parking service fee. 

 Going back to Kampar for highly recommended 生鱼片粥 (raw-fish porridge). But it's too late the fish was selling fast, turned out I just tried their 2nd signature smooth boiled chicken. Damn slurrpy!

Thanks for reading this ^^, I hope you (I mean you, reader) feel the bless as much as I do.

End this with 
the first photo taken with  my first smart phone (HTC Wildfire S)
the first photo taken with my latest smart phone (ASUS Zenfone 5)