Tuesday, September 23, 2014

20 facts about him-WS

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In response to Michelle Yong requested, this is 20 facts about me.
1. I love my gf MAple Shuh Hong very much  .
2. I am very punctual. 
3. I dun like ppl to wait me and I dun like to wait ppl. 
4. I love sport especially basketball.. and recently found out surfing is very syiok. XD
5. Love listen to music especially the so called emo song.
6. I like desert very much especially cheese cake.
7. I am hard to fell a sleep with lights on.
8. I look very fierce according to frens?
9. Blue is my favourite colour.
10. Like to drink coffee and teas
11. I am easily get red when drink.
12. I love animals especially doggie, wish to keep one in future.
13. I like to watch anime and tvb.
14. I dun like very crowded place.
15. I am very impatient according to Shuh Hong
16. Dun like memorizing subject since I won't face it anymore!!
17. I love cold drinks very much.
18. Allergy to and dun like prawn.
19. I am now rotting at home since
20. I am graduated!!! :-DJuz waiting for convo

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At the first glimpse,  i think this pic is quite noob lar, now I still think it's very noob, hahaha. #tryingtoactcool

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