Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Trip_day1

Harlo , Love~~ I mean, Hello, to whoever read this =D.  I actually quite doubt to make this post divide by day 1, day 2and Day 3 or just a summary of all the 3 days. So, I chose the first one.

18 Dec 2014

Took the 9am bus from Kemaman to Pudu Sentral, reached around 2pm. It was raining when I took off from Kemaman. My mom put me at the bus station there then ask me to take care of myself before she weaved good bye to me.

I was so excited to see the new books that I booked from Kinokuniya, I decided to go to KLCC first. Yes, I was the one who planning the itinerary for our KL trip. Thanks to WS to allow me to do what I wanted in KL, hehehe.
 WS slipper look #wsootd

Christmas time is a valid reason to go KL! Because there are Year End Sale every shopping mall, also Christmas vibe is everywhere, making it good scenery for taking photo! hahaha. We didn't purposely go to the garden in front of KLCC. The road just lead  us there. 

 Say hi to almost 4 storeys tall christmas tree erect itself in front of Suria KLCC! #hichristmastree

 Beware, this is simply a photo diary of us. So lots of photos will be spammed here~~

 Kinder-beuno ing while perching at the staircase. Though it's a working Thursday, the park was blast with masses of people. Everyone was so cheered to take photo with this Christmas-ty ambience.

 at the entrance to park in  suria KLCC

Went to get my novels after that. I was so enthusiastic, but ironically I have not started to flip even a page! WTH, I don't like this feeling!Alright, give me 3 days to finish Kite Runner before I read my new babies. 

Spent Rm92.90 at Kinokuniya.

    Ate only a light lunch at 12pm which is a plate of Chicken rice and a cup of Hot milo,  in highway pit stop. Raining day was cold, and I need something to warm my tummy. Hence I was hungry like a wolf I need to MAKAN(eat)! So bought bread to comfort my tummy first, a carbohydrate-loaded bread.

his was Rotiboy bun 
mine is Chicken Floss Bread, not that flavourful from Cake sense

My plan is to have dinner as famous foodstreet, Jalan Alor. Hence we were busy figuring out the road to Jalan Alor from KLCC. Got a free rose from SK II, and asked the leng zai leng lui the way to Jalan Alor. 

If you were an active KL citizen , you would propably know that there is a special pathway, inlaid with numerous advertisements that connect between KLCC to Pavilion, meaning you can walk from KLCC to Pavilion, though it's a quite some walking distance. But the journey was enjoyable cause WS was with me =D =D =D 
 Stop at the middle of pathway to take photo with White Christmas tree. together with the Rose prop.

WS: How good if there is someone who offer to rent bike at the begining of each way. Only rent for                Rm1, then you can earn a satisfied living already. 

Maple: But hor, If  wanna start on this business, you must first build a bicycle track.Build the bicycle                 lane in 2 opposite direction, and include thosewalking lane is total 4 lanes. Unless you extent                the pathway broader lo.

Finally, we reached the picturesque Jalan Alor.

 We were here in Jalan Alor~~ the apparently famous food street!

I have seen Jalan Alor in a Taiwanese Food Travel show, the programme describe the chicken wing here is so yummylicious, succulent. But neh~~~ most of the human force here were foreigner, even the chow kuey tiaw that I ordered was so Malay-style. A bit spicy and soy-sauce taste. Like Gan Lao Mian. Where got people add soy sauce in Chow Kuey Tiao one~~~~

 The bobo-caca taste only coconut, and nothing else. PLAIN.

 After I regain energy.....

That's all for day 1.


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