Monday, December 15, 2014

WS's UTP convocation_2nd day

Yeap! on the day itself! Lucikly ~~ (should I not said luckily? The morning session got to get their scroll from the hand of Mahathir.) Luckily ws's session was in afternoon. Hence we woke up around 8am to come Nam Heong for an excited breakfast! I always like to come here to eat, whether in morning or afternoon. as long as the restaurant is open! This is the only restaurant which I think each and every single food is so delicious!

After that, we rushing back, final preparation before go to UTP. and fuh~~ I accompanied WS to UTP for registration around 11am. I remember we have to reach before 11 or 12pm.
 Da bao (take away) nai cha (milk tea) before we go to UTP, cause we were both so thirsty and  a bit hungry. WS prefer the nai cha in keng heong more than the nai cha in Nam Heong that we ordered in the morning. But I think the nai cha in Keng Heong here is too concentrated, I prefer the one in Nam Heong.

Upon reaching the campus, everyone look so handsome, so excited.
 First pic taken for the start of convocation!

 Walking to chancellor hall. Their attire resemble those in Harry Potter~~ Really look alike~~expect that they don't have the witch hat.


Now, it gotta be long ass of photo spamming. Big day like this meaning a lot and a lot of photos!!!

 Summary of university life:
Friendship forever~~

 The Tan Couple.

 Lovely couple. Alex who is roommate of WS during his uni life. And his gf, Siew Lee. So envious they can actually graduated together~~

 Totally candid.

with his junior.

I couldn't miss the chance to take photo with my other graudate friends too!
 CLick to enlarge. But not all are here. Some like Yik Wei, Simon are not included, cause I can't find a collage that can fit all inside. Go here in FB to see the complete set of photos. 

 Poor lightning alley, queue up to enter chancellor hall.

 Big kids.

 The alley crowded with graduate queue up and waiting to enter chancellor hall.

 The first photo that we don't look like couple at all!

 The classmate.

 The classmate and one of the classmate's gf.

 More classmate, yay I am part of Me ky class!

 Woering Adult business ~~

With senior. Cause unlike UTAR which has 2 convocation per year. UTP has only 1 convocation.

 Crowd outside~~ Busy selling banquest of flowers

 During the 4 hours of waiting. We chat and chat and chat. and Tired and sleeping.  Because UTP only provide 2 tickets for each graduate. Unlike UTAR one, we have 4 tickets per graduate. But thinking deliberately,

1. UTAR has 2 convocations per year. Each convocation last for 3 days. Sat and Sun has morning and afternoon session. Graduate of wide array of fied.
2. UTP has a convocation annually. Only on Sunday. Divide into morning and afternoon session.Graduate mainly study engineering and Business Information System.

Based on the fact above, I guess UTP chancellor hall is actually bigger than UTAR Grand Hall? Or maybe equal.

But talking about the resting corner for outsider (people who cannot enter the hall), UTP is definitely win over UTAR. Outsider knows what happen inside the hall through the live show of screen projector. But UTAR didn't provided so. and it's hot to wait outside UTAR Grandhall with only mere cover from bad weather compare to the situation in UTP.

 After the 4 hours long of waiting. The graduates finally came out. And the crowd congested for one moment. again =.=

 with his lovely sis.

 The last friend's photo.

 Last photo for the convocation =D

our messy belonging after an excited and tiring days. My wedges was killing me!!

Nah~~ if you still can't get enough of the photos. Here is the WS's convocation photos from my facebook account. 

What's the next to do after convocation?

He is looking for a job now. Prefer to dwell in oil and gas field! As a undergraduate from UTP, he is not only score CGPA 3.85 in his Mechanical Engineering degree, he and his team mate also won Gold Medalist in SEDEX29 that is given Rm 10K to complete a research project.

Looking for fresh graduate in oil and gas field? Might consider him as well.

His resume in Linked

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