Sunday, December 14, 2014

WS 's UTP convocation_1st day

It's the day I have been looking forward for.
It's the day He has been looking forward for
It's the day his family and friends have been looking forward for.

It's a Big Day for WS! 

I was so looking forward to this day, hence I prepared quite a lot for this convocation. When I first got to know his convocation, I planned to buy him a tie, like symbolise he is a working adult now. But then o~~ this guy is so frugal he didn't want me to buy him a tie. He said using any tie can match with the convo robe already =.=. 

Walao~~ how can be like that one. I actually spent 2 hours sitting in front of computer, looking for the best pattern tie. It's very hard to find a proper photo of UTP graduates wearing convo robe, u know. The source is so limited, but I kept digging like the way how you dig when you are looking for research journal. In the end, i reckon that 

1. tie with dark background (dark blue or black) with small white polka dot best match the blue hood.
photo taken from phovin photography

2. Pin the blue hood lower a bit (in front- attach it to the botton of Vshape of the robe).
Else, it would become something like this.... (photo from pohvin also)

 18th Oct 2014- the day before convocation

WS came to kampar, and I follow him. I mean we litterally had 2 cars. One is his, and another is my little white- Kancil. 

We went to Station 18 while waiting for 3pm to check into our hotel. I bought some grocery only. Though I was excited, but a tab bit tired at the same day. Been sleeping so late the previous night. 

 Too bad it's a raining day. Well, it's raining outside now also. Selfie while waiting outside the studio. I forgot the name of the studio already. My boy seem a bit down.

never mind, I selfie with myself then.

I actually forgot what we ate for lunch already. But we have our dinner here. 
 War Tan Ho Fun _medium  Rm12.

Of course, how could I not grab the chance to wear the convo robe leh~~ People who knows me know that I always wish to graduate faster than enjoying uni life. 
 Haiyo, his should ask to try before I remove my make up mar~~

 my look with retainer(on my teeth). Already brushed teeth and ready to sleep. Tired~~~~~ see my eyebag also now lar. My eyebag is a good indicator.

 I did took the whole body photo. But my face is too pale , so better don't frighten anyone of u lo~~

Good night! It's been a tiring and busy day! 

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